For more information about how to get your congregation involved, call Christian Services at 394-5413 or email us at

Christian Services/LOVE INC enables local churches to share Christ's love by providing the necessary link between church volunteers and those in our own community who are in need.


Christian Services has been working for churches in the Greater Lansing Area since October 1981, helping them help their neighbors in need.


LOVE INC is a proven ministry presently active in over 30 states, in 130 communities, involving more than 9,000 churches from 65 different denominations.

Local churches working together to transform lives and communities

In the Name of Christ. 

Sparrow's Nest

“My children, we should love people

not only with words and talk, 

but by our actions and true caring.”  

I John 3:18

Help Line:        394-5411


If you are in need of assistance, please call our help line.  It can be very busy, as the volunteers take time to help each caller.  There are times the lines are not busy (try Thursdays and Fridays) so please keep trying!


We cannot take requests for assistance in person,

on our administrative line or via email.


Clearinghouse Hours:

Monday—Friday: 9am—12noon, 1pm—3pm